Ordinary heroes. Extraordinary people.

Malala’s name will be remembered and maybe will help others to stand up and fight for what they believe in. She embodied the battle of many men and women around the world. She is their voice. 
But we don’t all have to face death to change the world. One person. One destiny. We are all different. 
We can be anonymous heroes and in our daily life. It only takes love and faith, energy and altruism, to challenge the forces in charge. 

We can be heroes, looking well after our kids, giving them the best. 
We can be heroes, listening and giving advice.
We can be heroes, supporting our loved ones in the midst of hardships.
We can be heroes, sharing love and friendship.
We can be heroes, giving a hand to the ones in need.
We can be heroes, sending money to charity or a cause we campaign for.
We can be heroes with a smile, a gift, a word, a prayer.

Ordinary heroes. Extraordinary people. 
Nothing is too high for the ones who believe. 


16 thoughts on “Ordinary heroes. Extraordinary people.

  1. Well said Marie, and truly there are so many people who are heroes everyday and yet they never ever come to realize it. Only God knows the true worth of each person. I hope that you are doing well;-)


  2. I couldn't agree more, Marie… We can all be heroes if we do our part in helping to make this world a much better place to live in, even if we do it in our own little ways. God bless you, dear. ♡ 🙂


  3. Totally agree with you hun. We can all do good, without the media frenzy and turning into celebraties. And those of us who are mums, well are are already doing good!Thanks for your comments on the blog. We are doing well, still 4 weeks till hubby returns x


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