Being Whole, Being Me

For the time being I don’t want to choose.
I don’t see any problem him following two religions, him being raised celebrating Christmas and fasting during Ramadan. Maybe it’s a problem for other people. Maybe they think it’s wrong.
I don’t.
I just want to exist, to feel whole. It’s my way to be me. No more sacrifices. No more choices against my will.
It’s a story between God and I. Only him can make me change my mind.
No more tries to be like everybody else.
Tomorrow he will be able to make his own choices. Maybe he’ll take Islam. Maybe he’ll take Christianity. But at the end of the day, I will teach him Love. And Respect. Tolerance and Peace. Every religion teaches this.
But we prefer to close our eyes and ears, and only see our differences instead of what bring us together.

It is humanity choice. Not mine.
I want to break free. This is my reality.

19 thoughts on “Being Whole, Being Me

  1. I have learned that every person in the world will always be different from one another. But just the same, we are all a part of the human race. And I hope that people will learn to respect those differences instead of condemning one another because of them.”But at the end of the day, I will teach him Love. And Respect. Tolerance and Peace.” — this is what we all need to do, Marie, because no matter what our race, our religion, we all need these.Much love to you and God bless. ♡


  2. That sounds nice! We make our own webs and get trapped in them. Then we struggle so hard to be liberated. The world does us no good either. To break free is something that I want for myself too.You have become more assertive than before Marie and that's wonderful. 🙂


  3. ✿ ❀ ✿Coucou et merci pour cette belle publication chère MarieTon fils plus tard fera ses propres choix et je suis certaine que ce seront les bons choix.Tu lui inculques de bonnes bases, et de bons principes donc tout ira bien.GROSSES BISES à vous deux etpassez une belle journée !!!✿ ❀ ✿


  4. C'est tres gentil Nancy! L'important pour moi est qu'il grandisse, libre. Un jour il fera ses choix, ce seront les siens. Mais aujourd'hui c'est a moi de le guider sur le chemin de la vie.Je t'embrasse bien fort.


  5. Nos enfants, eux aussi sont à cheval sur deux religions et cela n'a pas l'air de les perturber. Le dernier, la dernière fois, à même fait une prière à un troisième Dieu. Continue comme ça, dans la tolérance. bises


  6. Je pense que ca leur ouvre aussi les yeux sur le monde et la difference. Qui dit que nous devons croire de telle ou telle facon? Chacun sa maniere de croire, l'important etant bien le respect de l'autre. Merci et bises a vous tous.


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