God message in a light bulb

The other day I was trying to fix a light. It did not work. So I changed a bulb. But still it did not work. I then tried to unplug it and find a new plug. It did not work.

In fact the light was broken. Everything I would do could not solve the issue. I was losing time, trying to fix something that could not be fixed.

This made me thinking about relationships. Curious link, but we all know God is good to make us understand things his own way.

Sometime we can try our best, if our relationship with a person is broken, if there is no communication, we can keep trying, we will fail. Cause it can’t be fixed. Cause it’s too late.

It’s life. We only have to leave this relationship and walk towards a new life. It’s hard. But because nothing can save us, we’re better off, we should save our energy for the rest of the road.

Slowly I am withdrawing myself from old hopes and childish dreams. Our marriage could not be fixed. We are done, walking on opposite direction. Our relationship is also broken, the one that united us as husband and wife and as mum and dad. We tried to make it work. But nothing worked, cause it was dead long ago.

Now, it’s time to leave this unhappy ending behind and create something better. Nobody has ever seen a broken plate look like a brand new one. It might be tough to say goodbye, but it’s the best gift we can give ourselves at this time.

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16 thoughts on “God message in a light bulb

  1. Marie I love the connection you’ve made between a relationship and light bulb, its true, there are such profound lessons to be learnt from everyday occurrences. I pray that you find happiness and peace, and that you get all that you deserve. God is Just and Kind.

    Stay well always


    • Thank you very much Zarina. If we open our eyes, we can learn many lessons in our daily life. And it helps us to move on out of any hardship we may encounter on the way.
      Love and light to you my friend.


  2. You are brighter than I was when I was younger. The analogy is a perfect fit actually…Women have been trying to fix broken lightbulbs since forever- what is wrong with us?


    • You are so right Salma. Maybe we think we have superpowers or something like this. But the reality is we don’t and we waste all that we have in situations we can’t change.
      take care dear and love to all.


  3. I’m sure you did your very best to make your marriage work, my friend. Saying goodbye must have been a difficult decision to make. But perhaps there will be more peace when you are apart. May God continue to give you the strength to endure this trial, Marie. Hugs. ♡


  4. ✿ ✿ ✿
    Une pensée amicale chez toi
    Tu as fait de ton mieux, et maintenant la vie est devant toi, devant VOUS DEUX !
    GROS BISOUS à toi Marie et à ton petit ange
    bonne journée !!!
    ✿ ✿ ✿


    • Mille merci Nancy!
      Tout a ete fait, il est temps de regarder devant. Cela fera un an dans quelques jours, c’est un peu l’heure du bilan pour moi.


  5. ✿ ❀ ✿
    Bonjour et merci pour ta visite chez moi hier soir chère Marie
    je t’envoie plein de bises d’Asie vers Paris !!!!
    Bonne fin de semaine à vous deux !!!!
    ✿ ❀ ✿


    • We may think suffering is the way life goes. But I don’t think so. Surely there is suffering in this world, but there is happiness too. And we should never forget we have been created to experience it as well.
      Thanks for following me here Foz! xx


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