Simple Things about my Life

Sometime I feel like writing inspirational posts.

Sometime I feel like writing, only simple things about my life.

This weekend I enjoyed:

  • Playing with Mister Pop
  • Cuddling on the couch
  • Going out for a walk
  • Reading a nice book from a blogging friend
  • Listening to Christmas songs
  • Seeing my cousin and her lovely husband (which reconciles me with marriage life!)
  • Hearing good news about new babies on the way
  • Writing postcards
  • Having my sister for dinner
  • Looking at Mister Pop turning things in his hands and trying to stand alone on his two feet (and laughing when falling on his bottom)
  • Going shopping with my grandma
  • Organizing the home for a new week

What was good in your weekend, my friends? 

Image Credit – Pinterest


9 thoughts on “Simple Things about my Life

  1. So you hard a lovely weekend and it looks as if things are going on well for you two now! And I am si glad for that…a new Home, and new Life in peace and joy! Lots of love to you and mister sweet pop


  2. you had a week filled with beauty and family- very nice.
    i count my blessings every week- it’s a great feeling especially when i look back and see what was going on inside my head.


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