I am struggling with my Faith

Some people struggle with life, weight loss or freedom. I’m struggling with my faith. I’m struggling with love relationship as well, but this is another story! It might just be that I did not find yet the right person for me. The time will come and to be true, it’s far from being my priority.

Today my priority is my faith. And if you are reading me for some time now, you nearly know all about it.  A friend of mine was saying to me the other day that God can’t be contained in buildings and I can’t agree more. But still knowing there is building you can go to, where you know you’ll be safe and where you can ask questions and you’ll get answers, where you can pray in peace, feels good. It’s not essential, but it’s helpful.

As for me, I am Christian from birth. I tried to follow Islam, without any success. I stopped following one road, feeling happier being a child of God and not being part of one special group.

I am struggling.

Not with God.

But with my faith. I don’t know where I am standing, except in a big pool of mud!

And as Christmas is approaching, I’d like to go back to my roots and maybe take time to make a pause and stop struggling with whatever I have in mind. Just be in the moment. Just read the Bible. Just share with others, which for me is the spirit of Christmas. Just be and see what’s happening.

I am struggling.

But maybe it’s for the best.

Surely somewhere down the road, God knows exactly what he is doing with me.

One day the struggle will be over.

Till now, I’d better enjoy what I have, cause it will never come around again.

And you, what are you struggling with?


17 thoughts on “I am struggling with my Faith

  1. Marie

    Its true, we are all struggling with something, but struggle is the essence of this life because without struggle there can be no growth. I pray that your struggle leads you towards the answers you so desperately seek and I pray that you find peace and happiness. I love the picture you’ve added here, its so appropriate.


    • Thank you Zarina. It’s true it’s a way to grow. Maybe it’s a way that help us to accept God’s plan for us too.
      Take care.


  2. I echo Zarina- struggles help us to grow and hopeful learn- you are thinking about it and putting it out there- essentially you are working through it 🙂
    And yes, surely God knows what he will do with you and your little guy, and he listen when we ask him for guidance.
    I understand the idea of struggling with faith not religion itself. Honestly, if I did not choose Islam before I married I would probably not be a Muslim today. Every time hubby and I have had big issues I go back to my faith…what I learned about myself in trying to find Islam. Had I done it the other way (which I did before), it would have been difficult to separate the two.

    Right now I struggle with asking for and accepting help…

    Stay blessed Marie.


    • Thank you for sharing your words Salma. It always helps.
      Maybe I am struggling with religion too. I can’t find a place where I feel at peace. And maybe it’s true for other people. For me it’s major and every time I try to let it go, it somes back when I least expect it .Or maybe God knows that now I can concentrate on it, whereas 2 months ago, i still couldn’t.
      Accepting help…..a touch battle Salma. But you will win it. Stay well my friend.


  3. Most of us have some kind of struggles in life seeking towards something better which could give us peace in mind and heart. As for me, I need a few more steps further to fulfil what I desire. Then again, I’ll leave it to fate. What’s important, there’s a will to work towards it.

    I understand the situation you’re in. It’s like at a crossroads when you’ve to choose the right turn. Do take time to reflect on what’s good for yourself. Yes, enjoy what you’re doing and make the best of what life offers to you.

    Warm regards, Balqis.


    • You are so right Balqis. It’s because we want to achieve something that we are struggling. Maybe the process is more important than the final change.
      Being at a crossroad is never easy but I should remain patient and let God reveal his plan to me.
      Thank you for your words dear. Stay blessed.


  4. Hi Marie, I say what everyone above says but can I ask you what about your faith are you struggling with? Unless you know why you feel as if you are standing in pool of mud you won’t be able to set yourself free. I pray you are at peace with faith as soon as possible.


  5. I struggle with peace, Marie. All the emptiness that I’ve been feeling stem from the chaos in my mind. I am rarely at peace. I do hope that God would grant it to me soon.

    May God give you clarity as you struggle with faith, Marie. Only can help you find the answers. May His Holy Spirit come upon you and give you enlightenment, my friend. ♡


  6. Dear Marie,,
    I totally now how this struggle feels,, I struggle with being the ‘one’ I want to be…I struggle with making choices I want or I have to..our faith faces a rollacoster sometimes and it is a human’s nature I guess..
    stay safe dear


  7. Aww hugs, I know the feeling….

    I often struggle with my faith….and its very often so weak…..but it is good to admit that you are…as its the first time to working through it and make it stronger.


    • I am feeling less alone reading you Foz. Some times are harder than others, but you are right, stating it is the best way to start working on it.
      Love from France. xx


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