Simple things about my life

I don’t do it every day but I want to do it from time to time, cause it’s good to reflect on what matters in our lives. Somebody I value used to say ” there is something stronger than darkness, stronger than the most horrible poverty, something greater than death, LIFE”.

I love the cold of December.

I enjoy sharing a smile or giving a coin to a homeless, saying to me “God bless you”.

I like being able to walk in the empty streets and see the sun waking up and taste hot tea and cookies and hear the silence and touch the hand of my sweet baby boy and smell apple tart.

I feel alive when I wake up in the middle of the night and pray.

I love writing words, typing sentences, doing letters, taking shots, running the streets for the perfect gift.

I enjoy putting my baby boy to bed and whispering a prayer for all the children of the world.

What makes you happy? What makes you alive?


8 thoughts on “Simple things about my life

  1. It’s always nice to read you again, Marie. This is such a refreshing post. I really enjoyed reading everything you mentioned here. They sort of giving contentment in life. Keep doing what you feel is good for yourself. Stay happy! 🙂


    • I think it’s nice to remember these little things that makes life good Balqis.
      Thank you for joining me and being part of the Journey. Take care.


  2. Hey Marie.
    Glad to read you. I admire people who are grateful about the simple things in life. I wish I could be that firm but I’m quite unstable. I love your blog. It’s comforting. Keep it up ❤


    • It comes with time and experience Dana. You’ll achieve this one day, may God help you and keep you strong my dear.
      Thanks for the nice comment. xoxo


  3. i love connecting with friends
    i am a letter/postcard writer
    reading all types of books
    my kids definitely make me feel alive

    always love to know more about my friends too 🙂


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