Simple things about my life

The week ended with harsh words and bad memories. But the weekend wiped away my tears.

A trip by train with Mister Pop, smiling to every new face.

Meeting a friend.

Taking the road for a Girls (and a baby boy) week-end.

Finding bright smiles on sweet little girls, behind a door.

Cuddling with Mister Pop and remembering how much these times together are unique.

Waking up early and enjoying a nice breakfast.

Going to the train station to collect the last friend.

Laughing and bringing back memories.

Playing with kids, being tired but not thinking about it.

Dancing and dreaming.

Watching kids kissing each other, being shy and spreading happiness all around.

We are 4 friends. We know each other for 16 – 17 years (already). We went through tough times in the past 6 years or so. But our friendship is still as strong as it was when we started college. We love each other and together we feel nothing can beat us.

How was your week-end? Any sweet times to share?

Credit Photo – Pinterest


10 thoughts on “Simple things about my life

  1. Nothing beats amazing 16-17 years. Glad you and Mr pops has a great time. One of Hassan’s favorite past-times is riding the train.
    We had a slow week-end catching up from last week. Happy Monday.


    • I know Salma, it’s a long time. I feel like we met for the first time yesterday!
      Slow week-ends are good from time to time. Have a lovely week and kisses to the kids.


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