Butterfly Wings by Zarina Hassem

I have to say I am not very good at reviewing books. Most of the time, I like books or I don’t. But when it comes to say why, it’s another reality. But I will try my best and for sure God will give me the right words to express my ideas.

Butterfly Wings


Credit Image – Muslim Woman Exposed Blog

I related to this book a lot and it helped me to get out of the guilty place I put myself in, as a soon-to-be-divorced woman.

Fatima is a young woman, who finds herself alone and lost, after her divorce. She is struggling to find her place in her life, in her family and in the world. She is struggling as a woman, as a Muslim and as a simple human being.

We follow her on her journey, between her failures, her hopes, her weaknesses, her trust for a man who does not deserve her, her friendships and we get to see that what counts before everything else, is really the love for the Creator. It’s only through His love that we can live fully and recreate ourselves, understand who we are and why we are here.

She will meet people who will teach her humanity and love, who will hold her hand and let her know she is worth it. She will rediscover the bonds that link her to her family and then accept the limits of others, the importance of forgiveness.

So I would say what I like most about this book, it’s the hope I found in it, the power we have in our hands to start again, to change and to create something better, to rediscover what is important in our lives and to trust God’s plan.

I have to thank God for giving me the chance to cross Zarina’s path a couple of years ago, when I was searching for inspiration on the web. Since then, we have shared many thoughts, we have discussed many topics and we have exchanged on many subjects, and we will continue. Because learning from others give us an open-mind and an open-mind is a key for peace. 


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Wings by Zarina Hassem

  1. Marie

    I am so moved by this post , and I am honestly so humbled to read how these words have come across for you. My hope is always that the words I write can be beneficial to others, and you have given me that reassurance that it does count for something, so I thank you. And yes, we will continue learning from each other, because each person has so much to teach and the more we learn from others, the better people we can become.

    May God always bless us and help us to only have positive interactions with all people.

    Stay well and in peace always;-)


  2. You two are so true we learn so much from the others if we just take Time to talk and listen to them! Lots of kisses Marie, my best wishes for this new year for you And the little one take care of you two And don’t Forget t be selfish sometimes!


  3. *****it’s the hope I found in it, the power we have in our hands to start again, to change and to create something better, to rediscover what is important in our lives and to trust God’s plan.****

    Yes! This is what I want, too. Xxxxx LOVE to you, dearest.


  4. Love this review Marie. I think God always puts someone or something in our path when we most need it. This book sounds brilliant and I look surely inshaAllah look into getting my own copy if possible.


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