Simple things about my life

It’s the new year, time to reflect on what happened in 2013 and keep only the positive and beautiful:

Credit Photo – The Alternative Wife Blog

Birth of Mister Pop

Strong friends from every corner of the world

Messages / comments of love

New start (rebuilding in process)

Family connection

Interfaith dialogue (in process)

The chance to write again

Finding some peace

Getting rid of feelings of guilt and anger

Leaving my place of abuse

Books discoveries

Smiles, laughs and memories

Time for you to tell me the things you loved in 2013…


14 thoughts on “Simple things about my life

  1. ❀✽❀✽❀✽❀
    Tu débutes l’année avec de bonnes résolutions et c’est parfait chère Marie✿ Te lire me fait plaisir.
    Je t’embrasse bien fort !
    Passe une agréable journée Ma Belle !!!
    BIZ à vous deux ☆彡


    • He was a beautiful miracle Salma. All kids are really. It was a year full of precious moments. Only these ones matter at the end of the day.
      Take care dear.


  2. Keep on with this positive feelings, Marie. It will attract more good things and blessings into your life. Most important is to love yourself each day no matter what happens with you or around you. And, of course, bringing up Mr. Pops. Much love.


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