Mister Pop milestones

My friend Salma gave me an idea.

It’s time maybe to write a bit about Mister Pop life, not so much to inspire others, because I think some mums are 10 times more inspiring than me, Salma is, for exemple. But more to share a bit about our life and the things we do and love.

In a month or so, Mister Pop will celebrate its first birthday. It’s crazy, I know!

The day I discovered I was pregnant, I decided to write down everything, from my joy to my fears and every one of my feelings. It’s important for me to tell him the story of his life, his birth, to explain him my choices and dreams. I created a private blog for him to discover when he is old enough and ready. For me it’s a good way to remember things about our life together.

I never dreamt (nobody does) of being a single mum. But I know I am much better on my own, raising Mister Pop. At least, he lives in peace and in a serene place. I would not have been able to provide this for him, if I had stayed in Ireland. So it’s all good for now.

So what we have been up to, till now?

Mister Pop 1st month – Many doubts and cries

Mister Pop 2nd month – First (and only) meeting with dad

Mister Pop 3rd month – Silence and smiles

Mister Pop 4th month – Discovering the world

Mister Pop 5th month – Being separated

Mister Pop 6th month – Laugh and music

Mister Pop 7th month – Babbling

Mister Pop 8th month – Crawling forward

Mister Pop 9th month – Mum only

Mister Pop 10th month – Together again

Mister Pop 11th month (in a couple of days) – First Christmas



9 thoughts on “Mister Pop milestones

  1. It’s so lovely to read this, Marie. Reminds me of my son when he was a baby too. From this photo that you took of his back, shows how much he has grown!


  2. Time does go so fast Marie, he’ll be almost a year soon, you should continue to enjoy every moment as I know you do, these moments are precious, soon he will be all grown up.

    All the best for both of you;-)


  3. Marie, MARIE, no mom is more inspiring than another. We all have our own battles. I love reading about your journey because it’s more than a “blog post”.
    I am so happy to get some updates…you know I am always hungry for updates on the little things, and truly the little ones grow way too fast 😦
    I am glad to read these milestones…it must have been difficult to be separated from Mr. Pops, but he will always know mom (which is so awesome by the way).
    I want to read more and more about his days (if you don’t mind).


    • Maybe you’re right Salma. I should have said, I find YOU very inspiring and amazing.
      It was hard to live far from him, but I did not have any other choice. Plus I am the only one who provide for him, so I needed to get a job. It was life saving in my situation.

      I promise I will write more about our days!!
      Love from us.


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