You’re searching

You’re trying

You’re failing

You’re standing up again

You remember the past

With anger or despair

You build the future

With hope and faith

You pray

You believe

You trust

You lose patience very often

At the core of your being

Deep down into your most hidden strengths

You can feel the rush of a power

One word defines it all

You’re a SURVIVOR.


8 thoughts on “Survivor

  1. Beautiful words Marie, it speaks out about the essence of being human, but through the ups and downs you somehow manage to survive, but the beautiful thing is that you never come back the same, you always come back from difficulties stronger, wiser and a much better person.


  2. B E A U T I F U L.

    Survivor. I like that word.

    We either survive or we die.

    I’ve decided to survive, live, breathe, & tell Kay’s story.

    It is NOT easy, but as my Kenyan penpal says: “Man Must Life.”

    LOVE! Xxxx


  3. Keep on with your positivity, Marie. All these are just tests on how strong you can be and they are shaping you to go to your higher self. Before we are given our diploma or degree in any chosen field, we have to sit for tests, and so is with life, we are tested every now and then. Now you are doubly strong because you are are not alone. You don’t do anything just for yourself now. You have someone who is innocent and needs your love, guidance and protection to take care of. Much love, plenty of hugs for both of you.


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