Work in progress

I started blogging in 2010. I felt in love with a guy whose skin color differed from mine. I created a space called THE COLOUR OF OUR SKIN, to talk about us, people, from different cultures and religions, sharing the earth and love from above.

Then I got married to this guy, from another country. I felt in love with his country, Egypt. I came back home and I decided to rename my blog. It would become DIARY OF A HEART IN TRANSIT. I could find myself a bit lost between France, Ireland and Egypt. I hoped one day I could find peace in one of these countries.

One day I understood I was spending way too much time on internet, when I shoud have focused on my marriage. So I moved all my blogs into one LIFE IN HARMONY. I worked hard to make my marriage work, not the right way surely, because with time, things got worse and I found myself lonely and desperate.

My life changed. I was like a ghost. My blog name changed and became LET IT BE, to reference of The Beatles song. Nothing was easy. I was surviving and hoping things would change. They didn’t. I left everything to save the life of the precious gift God sent me, a baby boy.

When the depression started to fade away, I made another change. MY WORLD OF LOVE AND LIGHT came to life. It was a new and fresh start.

Something happened. Some words hurt me, words of people I trusted. And I decided to move on with MAHSHI AND MARSHMALLOW. I know it looks like  a funny title. It feels good.

Mahshi, because it’s my Favorite Egyptian Dish.

Marshmallow, because they are sweet and colorful.

Mister Pop is Half-French, Half-Egyptian. His life just started. And my new one is about to begin. We will make the best of it.

Welcome to you my friends! Please take a seat and relax. Here, we are safe and happy!!



11 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Well Marie, it shows that life is a journey. As things go up and down we learn from them. We take the good and the bad and make the best of it- you have shown me that. I love surrounding myself with women who are strong and wise. We don’t always do things as others believe we should but we keep going.


  2. I’m so glad to be able to reach you here, Marie. I thought I’ve lost you when your previous post wasn’t available any more.

    You’ve made changes from time to time. It’s a good idea to move on and forget the bitterness of life, while at the same time cherishing its sweetness.

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I’m happy to be here, likewise I’d love you to stay happy. 🙂


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