Time for a story

I love books. I started loving books when I was 10 or something like this. Before 10, I was very good at reading but I could not start and finish a book. My mum was desperate at this stage. She thoughts reading was essential, reading was the key to everything, to education and a better future. 

She kept telling me to read, take a book and see. We had many books at home. It was easy. Still, I could not find one story I like so much that I had to stop everything to concentrate on it.

And one day, the miracle happened. I discovered a brand new world the day I started reading for good.

It’s this passion for reading that I wish to pass on to Mister Pop. That’s why since he is born, I tell him stories. I invented many of them at the beginning. I do rely on books more and more, because I don’t always have the good words or brilliant ideas to make up a story from scratch for bedtime!


Mister Pop loves books. He loves books you can touch and books with sounds.

He loves turning the pages and smiling at the pictures.

He is now big enough to empty the cupboard, where the books are or put his head in his basket to choose which one he wants to look at.

He already has his favorites. And I have mine too. That’s why in the next couple of weeks, I will share with you some of our books. We read in French and English for the moment. I hope to add Arabic and Spanish before Mister Pop’s second birthday (the time for me to improve both languages and reconnect with courses I took years ago. I’ll need to work hard, ladies!).

And you, what are you reading with your little ones?


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