A moment of grace

I talk with God. I talk with God a lot, outside of prayer time.

I tell God how I feel, I asked him many questions about life, faith, how to be with people. I asked him to show me how to be patient and how to deal with negativity. I also thank him a lot for the people I have in my life, for his blessings and for being alive. I keep it very simple.

So, the other day I was in the train, going back home and I was telling him how it would be good to have somebody in my life, ready to give me his/her shoulder, without asking me anything, so I can put my head on it and rest for a while. I was day-dreaming this moment.

And when I performed my prayer before going to bed, I told him my wish again. Then, something happened, something quite special. It’s hard to put the experience into words but I will still give it a go.

I was sitting in silence. Then it felt like arms reaching out to me and a voice coming from within, told me “I am there, you can rely on me”. There was no more room around me. I was in another dimension. My head was light. My body was light. It lasted one minute or two maybe but the effect was immediate. I felt relieve of all burdens I was carrying with me, of all sins I had done. God showed me a tiny piece of his Great Love for us all. I now know that I can reach out to him, whenever I want, only by calling his name and forgetting the world around me for a minute.

I don’t know if you experienced such a thing before, but if it’s the case, I would love you to share your story with us. a39ff8106d3c349c7e39d01c32226fd2


4 thoughts on “A moment of grace

  1. Marie I had goosebumps reading this, it’s amazing, and so beautiful to experience such a connection with God. Yes, truly God is the Greatest and He listens to us whenever we call out to him, it just may not be in the way we’d expect, but most times its so much better. I wish that you have so many more of these moments, and I pray that your connection with God will even become stronger.

    May God give you peace and joy always!


    • I would have never thought a moment like this could happen, and could happen to me. But you’re right Zarina, God always answers, we only have to be ready to welcome him in our life, and to open our ears, our eyes and our hearts.
      Thank you for your kind words. Be blessed.


  2. “I am there, you can rely on me”.

    Yes. Yessss. I believe.

    After Kay’s murder, I was out of control, crying, drinking wine, filled w/ despair.

    I couldn’t pray w/out sobbing sobbing sobbing.

    One night I awakened to these words out of a dead sleep.

    **no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him–***

    I knew immediately that Kay was Okay because she LOVED God so very much.

    XXxx LOVE to you, dearest.



    • Keep BELEIVING Kim, with all your heart. Kay is in peace, in the arms of God. And she is protecting us, this I can tell you, for sure.
      I know a bit about the prayer and the sobbing. But you kept praying Kim, you kept believing, you never lose faith.


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