Time for a break

I think it’s important to take time on our own, when we can. As women, we are always busy trying to manage everything. Someday we succeed beautifully. Some other days, we feel under the weather and only dream of hot chocolate and a good book, away from all the craziness that is surrounding us.

That’s why it can be good to pause for a minute, look around and decide to take a break, to leave the kids with friends or family, to leave doubts, paperwork files and problems out of our minds and relax for a while. It can take any form. It can be going out for a walk, watching a movie we love, meeting with friends, drinking tea and day-dreaming, exercising  and meditating (which can be tricky with a house full of kids running around us), writing or just doing nothing.

I wish to apply this practice into my life on a more regular basis. Every week would be a must, but let’s be realistic, every two weeks for a start would already be fabulous!

Between work, household chores, Mister Pop and family matters, I have to admit that I have a hard time finding time for myself. Why it is so important for me? I find it easier to deal with things when I am rested and well in my mind and body.

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That’s why yesterday, I decided to offer myself a special treat! This is quite unusual for me to do this. I am not used to take care of myself. I never really did it. So yesterday I went out to eat Lebanese. I love it! I really took the time to appreciate my lunch, to savor the food. I completely disconnected from everything.

Now I just have to set up my new routine (a great way for me to think about what really makes me happy and relaxed!)

Do you take or find time for a break? And what do you like to do when you get the chance to make it?


4 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. Absolutely we do need that time,, it gives us energy to go back into our hectic daily commitments…
    I try my best to take a time for myself,, whether it was a body care,, an outing or even a fun thing to watch on tv…:)


  2. You so need time for yourself…I love Lebanese food too. You are right, it makes whatever life throws at you easier to deal with when it comes- cause you know it will.
    Time for myself? I’ll sleep mostly, or create something. I also go to the spa (haven’t done that for about a year though).
    To keep myself on task, I make up a bucket list with simple things (like read this or that book), try this food etc. A mom’s life is just too crazy, and that’s what makes us stronger.


    • That definitely makes us stronger Salma, no other choice. I too love going to the Spa, but like you, it’s been a while since the last time I set foot in this kind of place.
      Like the idea of the Bucket list. I always feel overjoyed when I achieved something from it.
      Have a great week!


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