Simple things about my life

Hello ladies! Here is my list of simple things to be grateful of…

Mister Pop first candle

Books, books and more books

Sunny weather

Lovely cards around the house

Lebanese food

New projects in mind

Writing ideas

Babbles and funny faces

Pregnant friends

Thinking Love, Feeling Love, Sharing Love

Flavoured tea

Peaceful day

Your turn to share what was good about your week…


Credit Image – Pinterest


8 thoughts on “Simple things about my life

    • Beautiful list Kim.
      Lebanese food, it’s delicious. Lots of spices, hummus, cooked vegetables, meatballs, tabouleh and desserts with dates, orange blossom water. Lots of chickpeas and fava beans as well.


  1. Wow! you have great things to be grateful of.

    Mine would be :

    able to update my blog with the recent post.
    got constructive comments for my post
    blogwalk and enjoy reading freinds’ posts and that includes you
    I’m sick but it doesn’t matter cos God is thinking of me


  2. Super list Marie..:)

    My list:

    I am healthy and at peace
    Relatively free at work
    Sunny weather
    My housemaid is back after her vacation
    Got cleaned the floor nicely over weekend
    Got to meet up some friends

    and many more..:)


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