Lent 2014 & the importance of education

In a couple of days, Lent will start. It’s a major time of the year for Christians, all around the world. I wish to use this time to better understand Christian faith. I don’t remember what I learnt as a child. Or it feels completely confusing.

I am born a Catholic. Before everything else, I am a child of God. I believe in God. We all have a way to worship God and I believe one path is not better than another. But the one we choose is the best one for us.

Nobody can talk about something he or she doesn’t know or understand. That’s why I want to take the time to read and educate myself on this subject. Whatever religion I may choose or not, whatever beliefs I have, I think it’s important for me to keep learning about people, culture, and other faiths.

I know one thing. Under the word Christians, we find many different people, who come from many different traditions and ways of life.

More we will learn from others, more we will be able to accept each other, more we will be ready to share our ideas and listen to others ideas (even if we don’t share them) and more we will be willing to work hand in hand to build a better world. Education is key. Education gives us the chance to choose, to decide what’s best for us. Education sets us free.

I know this is not new to you. And I know many of you already work towards a better understanding of others, without judgment or feelings of superiority.

Let’s be at the source of a new revolution, the revolution for a new world, a world of peace and respect, a world where each individual will have the space to be himself / herself, where each individual “free will” will be guaranteed.


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