Mister Pop is in Love!

How sweet.

He is not in love with one of the little girls he is meeting on play dates.

But he likes playing with them and exchanging smiles.

He is in love with a voice.

How did I notice this?

It was one of this evening, when while eating, he could not stop pointing at the CD player.

I put on the radio.

That wasn’t it.

I put on a CD (I have a “soon to be post “on the music we listen at home)

That wasn’t it.

I put on Adèle’s CD.

He started giggling. He was kind of hypnotized by his voice.

I can tell that he knows when he hears the first notes of “Rolling in the deep”.

He turns his head towards me and smiles.

So sweet.

Now, I just hope Adèle will stay around quite a while, so I get a chance to take him in one of her concert when he gets older!!!

What kind of music do you listen to at home or with your kids?


Credit Image – Pinterest


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