Best moments of my week

Many of the ladies I am following are sharing photos about their week. I like it.

Sometime, photos can say things better than words. Some days I don’t find my words and during these days, I like to take my camera out and look around, spot the little things that make me happy and blessed.

IMGP6264 IMGP6272 IMGP6160 IMGP6261

IMGP6276 IMGP6256 IMGP6266 IMGP6273


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10 thoughts on “Best moments of my week”

  1. Nice to know what make the best moments of your week, Marie. Indeed, photos can say much more than words. I used to take photos before. I missed that moment of capturing the beauty of nature around me.


  2. These pictures are so lovely Marie, wonderfully captures simple everyday things, but its a reminder that the simple moments of our lives are the most beautiful.

    It’s so great to always show appreciation for things in our lives.

    Stay well and in peace’;-)


    1. I think we all need to be grateful and most importantly able to recognize the beauty in our daily life. Stopping for a while help us to recognize that we are blessed.

      Thank you Zarina and stay in peace as well.


  3. Love the photos Marie,, the scene and your choices are so beautiful I can almost smell the fresh air on those outdoor pics…keep up posting us these beauties from your daily life..xx


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