Trust & Disappointment

There comes a day when you witness something going wrong around you. And you don’t want to be a part of it. You decide it’s not right for you.

You know bullying at school exist. But I can say bullying at work exists too. Or maybe we call it harassment, or mockery. Anyway none of these should be tolerated. One person should not become the center of all chats and laughs. We should not treat her/him badly or accuse him/her of things, which we don’t know anything about. Communication is key in all relationships.

As you may know I started on a new job a couple of weeks ago. We are 7, working in an open space. One of my colleagues is a divorced woman. She does not have any kids and when talking to her you can see that she is a sad person. She’s been working here for the past 15 years and she is approaching retirement age.

I agree she is not funny, she is very negative and is afraid that people might take more and more of her responsibilities and tasks, till she is left with nothing and be asked to leave the company.

I imagine her life is not an easy one. We all have our hardships and we all move through life differently. Some might succeed better than others or their faith might save them from more troubles and help them to find solutions that fit their situation. We are not equals in face of adversity as we are not equals in life.

Everybody seems to be against her. Everybody whispers when she is around or they go out eating, without even asking her to join. It creates a bad atmosphere in the office. When all she needs is a bit of recognition for her work: you understand it very quickly when you speak to her. We all work together and it’s our duty to make efforts for working as peacefully as possible together, respecting each other and saying things out loud when work is not done the right way. It’s very easy.

So on Friday I decided to let my manager know about what was going on in the service. We talked and after leaving his office, I felt relieved to have been able to expose my view of the issue and even come up with some ideas to improve the situation.

I trust people straight away. I am this kind of person. Till they do something that shows me that I should not have. I thought my boss would chat with every person concerned by this issue and stay neutral. It’s what his speech told me to believe.

But this morning, I have to face another reality. Tensions are more important than on Friday. Everybody now thinks that the poor lady went to our manager office to complain. My manager didn’t respect his promise. I don’t know what he said, but he definitely did not stay neutral. He took one’s side, note hers. He does not care.

I don’t feel at ease in my position anymore. I talked because I thought she was being badly treated by others. And it looks like things will be worse for her. What’s the point?


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9 thoughts on “Trust & Disappointment”

  1. This is such a difficult situation to be in Marie, but I think you did the right thing by trying to make a difference instead of just sitting by and doing nothing. I hope that things get better for this lady. Maybe you could slowly try and change the way your other colleagues see her by being positive towards her and bringing out her good points. It’s such a pity that people have to be so negative and make things difficult for others.

    I wish you all the best with this and hope you can manage to sort it out easily.


    1. At least I did what I thought was right Zarina and I wasn’t afraid to stand for it.
      I will see how people work towards each other. It seems that their relationships is bad for years, so it won’t change overnight.
      May God help us to work together in peace. Stay well dear.


  2. Oh no…that is awful. I always feel so sad when I cannot do anything to change a situation. You did what you thought best, now step back and let the forces work it out or not.

    Sorry that you are feeling trapped in this situation.


  3. Awful! I think what you did is right, you did your best to bring about a positive change. That’s great. I hope you will be able to sort this out shortly.

    Thinking of you!


  4. People can be so horrible towards other’s and just destroy their entire life..
    You did your part and hope things will get better at your work place..


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