Best Moments of my Weekend – Brittany

IMGP6471 IMGP6415 IMGP6407 IMGP6414

IMGP6472 IMGP6479 IMGP6409 IMGP6419

I spent a weekend with my friends in Brittany, a Girls’ weekend. We tend to do one every three months. We love being with each other. We love rejoicing in the now. We talk, share, laugh and cry sometimes too.

I felt full of life after these two days. I came back home, knowing I was just where I should be. Today is the only day that matters. I am free.


10 thoughts on “Best Moments of my Weekend – Brittany

  1. So pretty. I love seeing the world through your eyes, and all the other ladies who share their worlds too. It’s great that you spent time with friends…did Mr. Pop go along?


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