When I am cooking…

I like cooking.

Thought it was a long time I did not take time to cook good food for myself.

Weeks after the separation, cooking was a trial for me.

When I cut onions or tomatoes, I feel like somebody will show up behind me and say “that’s not good to do it like this”.

I hear the voice.

I decided to go against this voice, the voice that says “you don’t know how to cook well”.

First, I took all vegetables out and put them in a pot.

I mixed them and added some goji berries!


Then I decided to make Tabbouleh. 

I never follow a recipe, from start to end.

Every time I am trying to do so, every time I miss an ingredient.

So I  go free style!


Then I decided to give a go to a new recipe I checked on Amira’s Blog this morning

Moroccan Harsha Bread

It did not look like as good as the one she had on picture

But it was very good

I ate it with homemade Grapefruit jam and tea


I was surprised to find myself saying out loud/

It’s GOOD!

It was very good indeed. I am ready to start cooking again…


14 thoughts on “When I am cooking…

  1. Thanks for the mentioning my friend. You know what there was time when I could hardly cook rice without burning it … but now nobody in my family believe me when I say I am ready BAKING !!! now nobody calls me a LOOSER IN THE KITCHEN anymore 🙂 Way to go Marie.


  2. That’s lovely Marie. You are getting back to track and doing things you love to do. Great going. 🙂

    You know what, I hate to follow recipes from end to end. I always tend to make my own modifications and feel glad about it…lol!


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