Are we supposed to be happy?

I read this sentence in a blog post this morning and it made me wonder.

Happiness is a concept.

We all have different definition of happiness.

For me, happiness is breathing in the now, loving, holding chubby hands, chatting with friends, writing, reading, laughing, dancing, running under the rain, praying in nature, resting and meditating.

You might have a very different definition of happiness.

When hardships show up, I can say that I see happiness differently. Being able to face the day, finding peace in tiny moments, praying, praying and praying again, becomes my definition of happiness.

I was not always feeling like this. When I was younger, I was looking for happiness, for peace. I was chasing a dream that kept moving, whenever I was close to it. I felt empty most of the time. I felt lost.

Some days are sadder than others.

Some days I still want to bang my head on the wall or eat tones of chocolate cookies!

But I can’t say I am not happy.

Like you, I struggle.

Like you, I worry and doubt.

Like you, I wonder why people kill each other and why everybody watches without doing anything.

Are we meant to be happy? I don’t know.

I think we are meant to do a difference in this world, whatever way we want to do it. I think we are meant to help each other. I think we are meant to build a better world. I think we are meant to have faith and become better. I think we are meant to find our own truth and shine in God’s love.

And you? What do you think?



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14 thoughts on “Are we supposed to be happy?

  1. Nice post marie,, I totally agree. Happiness is a concept and each of us sees happiness differently and achieves it differently. Some can’t be satisfied enough while others’ are able to see it in everything :),..


  2. Wonderful post Marie…yes, you know I was pondering this too 🙂

    I think the important thing is to say happiness is like a rainbow can yo ever really find the beginning or the end?! A rainbow is beautiful when it appears, but the sky is not ugly or empty without it either. I too always wanted “something” to make me happier…fulfilled.
    It took some time, but I look at life differently, and every time that I start to feel that way I think or write about it…


  3. That’s brilliant one Marie… I agree, the concept of happiness vary from people to people and it depends on the situations as well. Love Salma’s rainbow version. Very interesting.

    Sending love and smiles. 🙂


  4. Thanks for this inspiring post! I don’t know exactly what being happy means, but I’m sure we can choose to “turn on the light”.
    This quote from Dumbledore is particularly meaningful to me as I’ve been reading those “HP” books several times with my kids when I was down-and-out in such a difficult situation. Reading aloud with my kids was my way of sharing something with them, of creating a space of sweetness and joyfulness in the middle of the storm. It was my way of bringing something bright in their life despite the darkness of my mood at that time.
    I also think we all have something special to bring to the world, something which will make a difference in somebody’s life. Giving, sharing, building. Trying to make the world better around us…


    • I like this Marie “Turn on the light”. We can all decide this. We can all chose light instead of darkness, even in our hardest times. We are there to build a better world, we ought to, for life is an ongoing process that needs light and love to keep going.
      Stay well dear and have a very good week.


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