Inspirational Tea

Any time is a good time for Tea!

Tea became my favorite drink a couple of years ago

Now Tea is a ritual

Fresh and spicy – Fruity and green – White or with milk

I drink black tea with citrus fruit

I drink green tea and jasmine tea

I drink white tea with biscuits

I drink red tea when I feel unbalanced

I drink mint tea and I travel straight to Morocco

I drink chai latte as a special treat!

Tea is refreshing. It gives energy. It brings peace to the soul. And it’s good for the body.


The brand I fancy a lot is called Yogi Tea.

I like the names – Women’s balance, Bright mood, Heartwarming, Pure, Positive energy…

With each box, comes a yoga posture and with each tea bag, comes a quote.

Each quote is full of wisdom and simplicity. Each word is teaching me something and seems to always come at the right time.

Today, it is “Learn to appreciate yourself”.

I am on my way to practice…

Do you like tea? Do you know Yogi Tea? Or would you advice another brand?

This is not a sponsored post


5 thoughts on “Inspirational Tea

  1. Hi marie hope u good. I had to smile hen I saw your post. My friend gave me a box of Yogi Tea Liqourice flaavour and it my favorite at the moment.


  2. ✿•̃‿•̃✿
    Coucou chère Marie ! 🙂

    Moi aussi j’adore le thé ! C’est ma boisson favorite aussi ! 🙂
    Le thé que tu nous présentes doit être bien bon ! hum !!!! 🙂

    Doux bisous pour vous deux 🙂 et bonne semaine !


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