Love your enemies – How are we supposed to manage this?

Thinking about it, is one thing.

Thinking that we can put this “order” in practice is another.

Practicing it is a tough task, a very hard one for the sinners we are. Impossible?


Some men did manage to love their enemies. Some still do. Martin Luther-King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela and many others.

They could be super-heroes. But they are like us, men and women wish flesh and bones.

So I imagine we should all be able to do so.


I don’t have any clue.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to do so.

I don’t know yet if I will ever be able to forgive the ones who caused me pain.

I feel like I can pray for my enemies but love them the way I love my friends, I am not sure I even want to try doing so.

I don’t even know if this is right for me.


I believe the only way to love our enemies is to see the light of God in every single human being.

Only God can show us how to love our enemies. Only God can grant us the ability to master this task. God is the only one to have the keys. It’s towards him we should turn to understand this nearly impossible equation.



8 thoughts on “Love your enemies – How are we supposed to manage this?

  1. **I believe the only way to love our enemies is to see the light of God in every single human being.**

    this is the ONLY way.

    btw, I have forgiven my sister’s murderer….but I do not love him…I pity him.


  2. It’s a lot of work. I can forgive & even love someone who hurt me in the past. I have a hard time doing that with someone who exists in my present and continues to hurt me or those I love…it’s a real challenge. I think the fact that we can think, ask, ponder, try is better than many people. We are human…



    • When the people are not there anymore, I feel it’s easier to forgive and even love them. It’s much harder with people still alive. But you’re right, we try and it’s already a good start Salma.
      Take care dear.


  3. Marie this post is profound. yes, it’s very hard to love our enemies, how do you love someone who hurt you, as Salma said, it’s “a real challenge”, but I love your solution to this, to find the light inside them all, to look for good when we really cant seem to find any and to have hope for change for those who may have done the worse to us, these are qualities that only people pure of heart can achieve and we can only achieve purity of heart through God’s mercy. So indeed, we need to turn to God, as always, this is our only key, our only solution.

    I pray that you and everyone else reading this finds a way to make peace with those who have hurt them, if someone can forgive the murderer of their sister then we can all certainly forgive the people who have hurt us! (ps-My inner chick- I admire your courage and strength)

    Stay in peace always


    • Courage, strength and deep faith Zarina. Only God can show us the way. We don’t have the choice if we want to try, if we want to forgive and maybe one day love the ones who cause us much pain. May we be confident in God’s power to help us on the way.
      Thank you for your words. Stay well always.


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