Things I miss

Don’t get me wrong. I love my life.

I have a wonderful little boy. He is my sunshine. He means the world to me and I thank God every day for the chance I have.

Still I miss some things, things I might have some day soon, things I will never have.

I miss:

  • A home, a home for me and Mister Pop. A home where I know I’ll stay for a while, a home with bookshelves everywhere, a play room and a balcony to put flowers on it.
  • Having my friends around me and being able to jump in the car to catch up, to hug and talk till late. Being together, sharing ideas, building up a new life.
  • The idea of having a big family, with kids running all around the place, cries and loud laughs. I don’t think I will have other kids, I just have to accept it. Some days, it feels right and other days, it feels hard.
  • Being able to spend an evening reading in silence or even dancing like crazy in the middle of the living room.
  • The family we should have been. But I know deep down everything is better that way. I have no regrets.
  • Peaceful evening with no TV…


12 thoughts on “Things I miss

  1. dear Marie, you stil so young and life is on front of you, inshaAllah all your dreams will come true because I believe that when God takeaway something bad from as it means that he preparing us for the better, God is so generous. just pray to much and ask him for the better and better will come soon.
    love you dear


  2. I agree with Hadir. Marie, dear, you are not a victim any longer. One day, you will have all these things. Just take good care of yourself and Mister Pop. In the meantime, here are some BIG HUGS for you!


  3. Marie, you will get these things inshaAllah. But remember when you get something you always lose something as well. I think it’s about the balance of perspective. I love to come to your blog and see how a person my friend is getting through the day. I love to see snippets of life through your eyes. This post touched me A LOT because that thing that I can’t talk about right now is exactly what I thought about when I read your words. I so want to off-load and maybe soon. Just know that this moment is shaping you…preparing you for something more.



    • Finding the balance, it’s always about balance Salma and knowing deep down what matters and what doesn’t.
      I hope you’ll be able to write about it soon, or at least let it go our a way or another.
      Thank you for your words and support.
      Stay well and in peace dear. xx


  4. There are so many wonderful, amazing times ahead of you, friend!! God has plans laid out before you and they are wonderful and perfect for you. Keep moving forward and keep your heart open. So much love to you and baby!!


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