Why do I write ?

This is a question that comes often in chats and talks with friends.

I write because I like it.

I write by passion. I write because I have things to say.

I write to share and inspire.

I write to understand and move on.

I write to get rid of pain, raw pain.

I write because it makes me feel alive.

I write to be able to make choices.

I write for the ones who can’t write.

I write because I have a voice and that voice can’t stand too much silence.

I write to heal.

I write to let go.

I write to express my feelings.

I don’t know how to draw, to paint, to sing.

I don’t know how to skate, to run fast or to dance freely.

I know how to write.


I love words. I love pens, pencils, books, ink and notebooks.

I write poems and prayers.

I write my dreams and hopes.

I write tales of empowered women and men.

I write about the rain, sadness, pure joy, unconditional love.

I write because I have a voice.

I write for harmony, peace and wisdom.

I write because it’s the talent God gave me.

I write to honor God’s gift to me.

And you, why do you write?


8 thoughts on “Why do I write ?

  1. I read, read, read and I read what you are writing it make me feel good, sometime I feel you are “exprimer” what is inside me and I even didn’t notice that’s in till I read it by your words. i love your writing your word your feeling your prayers your wisdom and I love you


    • Writing is helping me to heal and find my inner voice too Hadir. The more I write, the more I discover ideas and things to say, the better I feel about me, my life, the word.
      Much much love to you from France.


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