Finding my identity

I am born in France.

When I was younger, I wished to be from another country, another culture, another century even.

I kept thinking that I did not belong here.

It felt strange and crazy.

I left France, thinking it was my destiny.

I left France, thinking I was about to discover something new, oversea.

But for a reason, God brought me back here.

I can travel the world, but this will not help me to define who I am.

I belong here, even if being from another place seems more appealing to me.

God needs me here.

God has great plans for me here.

French is my language, a beautiful one by the way.

France is a beautiful country.

I can be proud of being who I am, without wishing to be somebody else all the time.

Deep down I know that God needs me there.

I haven’t found out yet what I am supposed to do.

But slowly I am coming back to my roots.

Slowly I acknowledge my weaknesses and doubts.

Slowly I take my power back.

Being a French Woman, in love with the world…


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11 thoughts on “Finding my identity

  1. I think we all wish to be someone…somewhere else at times in our lives.
    The road to finding out who we are is a long winding one and I suppose the story is still being written 🙂


  2. Going to school here in Saudi arabia, I wished I could be a saudi citizen, so I could fit in with everyone else in my class. I was the only American-arab in the class room. But now I am proud to be American, though I dont agree with the goverments policies. I have learned to accept myself, and where I am from.
    I am currently teaching myself French, though online courses.
    it is indeed a beautiful language.


    • I understand how you may have felt about this. We don’t have to agree with politics to be proud of our country, its values, its history, its life.
      You have done a great job already, accepting yourself. We all strive for this.
      French is a lovely langage, a bit difficult to learn thought. What do you think?


  3. this is true some time I wish I was born in another century maybe 1890 and being in the thirties in 1920. I’m Egyptian I visited some countries, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia but I feel Good in Egypt till now. next month I’ll 47 years old, I feel 18’s was yesterday, time path so quickly didn’t achieve any goals or something wow.


    • You already achieved many things Hadir, your raised your kids, you learnt and escaped bad experiences.
      We always think that if we were born with another name or in another family, things would have been much better. But maybe it would have been quite crazy too.
      I feel like we are at this place for a reason. God knew it was the right one for us.
      Take care.


  4. As Salma said,, we do sometimes wish we were different, from another place,, or even another people. As we grow older, and maybe wiser, our thoughts change as well.
    I’ve spent a couple of days in Paris, It is enchanting and i loved it 🙂


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