Good men only

People in general often ask you questions about your relationship with men. Huge and such interesting topic! Just kidding…

When you say that you don’t have a man at home (I don’t talk about my private life with everybody), people tend to say something like this “don’t worry, you’ll find one” or “you’ll be happy again”.

OK, let me explain you something. I don’t need a man to be happy. I don’t worry about it every single night and day. I don’t worry about it, full stop.

I know, by looking around me at couples who last, that good men exist. Thanks God, Good men DO exist. Or we will all be desperate in love!!

So far, I did not meet any one of them, or I would be happily married to one of them. I obviously met the wrong ones. And that’s ok. We don’t always choose the right fruit in the basket.

I will never go back to the kind of man who leave me half of the time alone to be with his friends, who only dare being with me because I cook something good for diner, who don’t share the bills or even worse, ask me money to buy his plane tickets and mobile phones. I will never go back to the kind of man who cries when I tell him I don’t feel ready for marriage, or who keeps repeating me “do this/ that, if you really love me”.

I was lucky. I escaped darkness. And now I know that unless it’s a good man, no other man will ever share my life.


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12 thoughts on “Good men only

  1. I hate the manipulation of “if you really love me … do this/do that…” Love is a two-way street. You deserve much better than this, Marie! Some day, the right man will come into your life and love you as you are.

    Much love, always.


  2. those men are selfish plus they are poor, they don’t have any thing “feelings” to give.
    rich women deserve rich men “feelings, sacrifices,attention and care” those are really rich.


  3. Great resolve. There are good men out there and the rest are not worth your time and effort. But happiness comes in so many other ways as you said, so you will be happy no matter what!


  4. You are so right hun, you don’t need a man to be happy.
    One day when you are ready, you will meet the right man that will make you even happier (in sha Allah)


  5. I am glad I got the time to read your posts marie..
    Love your post, you are absolutely right, Happiness comes from within, we shall not wait for someone to bring happiness.
    A man that will respect you and respect the love between you without conditioning it to a specific action, deserves love. It is so annoying to know that such men exist and behave in such ways..
    stay safe sis


    • Thank you very much dear.
      Respect is such important in all relationships. Such men exist but good men exist too. And maybe the bad men are there to teach us something too!
      Thoughts from France.


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