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Balance & Progress

I am doing some research.

I am trying to find some balance in my life.

I am trying to find the right balance between writing and spending quality time with loved ones.

I am trying to find the right balance between my blogs and my other passions.

I am doing some research on me.

I am trying to find out who I really am.

I am trying to fight back old habits of underestimation.

I am looking, reading.

I am learning to let go.

I am learning to say “no” or “enough”.

I am trying new things.

I am learning new skills.

We are a work in progress.

And it feels good when are able to see that we are effectively moving forward…


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10 thoughts on “Balance & Progress

  1. I love that quote…that just about sums me up…well maybe I would have a baby in one hand and a book in the other.
    We are always a work in progress Marie…it makes for a beautiful challenge and a humbling journey 🙂



  2. Change the tea to a hot chocolate and I am happy! Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right balance….I am still struggling to find it x


    1. I knew you would prefer hot chocolate Foz!!
      Not always easy to find the balance, but as long as we do work on it, we’ll succeed some day.
      Take care and have a good weekend.


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