There is nothing as « just a slap »

I was talking with a friend the other day, and she told me: “you know, he didn’t want to hurt her. It was just a slap”.

I CAN’T HEAR something like this and stay silent. When it has to do with violence, there is no such thing as “just a”.

No “just a threat”. No “just a punch”. No “just a bad word”.

If we allow this into our life, we allow violence in it too. By allowing violence, we become part of the issue; we become abusers, without even noticing it.

I am astonished to hear a woman say “it’s just a slap”, like “that’s ok, it’s nothing bad after all.”


How can we even tolerate it?

How is this possible?

How is it even possible that today a man could say “they call this rape, come on, look at her, she was just asking for it”?

I wanted to throw up my lunch. I had him in front of me and he made me sick.

We are living in a crazy society. We are moving backwards, while wonderful women are raising their voices to say “NO MORE”. Check this out – 8 Ways to Kick Domestic Violence Ass

NO MORE of this.


It’s time for us to say STOP to it. Today. Right now. Right in front of these people who seem to see violence as natural, normal.

It’s not.

It never was.

It never will be.

And it should stop.

Death is just a breath away from us, if we do nothing, if we keep accepting intolerable things.


ps – This resumes so well my past relationship and my mariage


15 thoughts on “There is nothing as « just a slap »

  1. “It was just a slap”.


    This kind of attitude is the reason Domestic Violence is tolerated in our society.

    It’s not just a slap, it’s ABUSE. It’s domestic violence. It’s Unexceptable.

    Love flowing to you, Marie, for you STRONG VOICE for all women. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • It’s ABUSE, you’re right Kim. Abuse, Violence should end. We should all work towards it.
      It’s crazy how people can still think violence is normal. It’s scary.

      Stay well always. And may God bless your fight, our battle to end violence.
      Million Thanks to you Kim


  2. There is NO SUCH THING as “just a slap.” It is inflicting harm on the other person. A woman for that matter. Things like these should not be condoned. It saddens me though that some people see it as petty and judge the victims instead of helping them.


    • It saddens me a lot too Irene.
      But it looke like some people are still thinking violence must end. If we keep raising our voices, we have a chance to see better tomorrows.
      Take care my friend.


  3. You know… I have a friend who is living in more like hell – in my point of view- she is insulted, pushed, kicked and so much more :(. I keep telling her to get divorced and she just say I can’t !!!!!


    • Hell definitely Amira.
      It’s hard to leave an abusing relationship. It does sounds strange from the outside, but it takes a lot of courage to say stop and move away.
      I am praying for your friend.


  4. We are going backwards for sure. Everyone (woman or man) should have the chance to pick up the pieces and move on from this kind of life, but interestingly, society is also not very forgiving. I have a few friends who are living in abuse right now. I never tell them to leave, but I do tell them a million things that they could be doing, and point out a million things that they have to offer. I reiterate the fact that no one can do anything 6 FEET UNDER.
    I have lost “friends” that way as well, but at least I tried…

    Thinking of you Marie!


    • I think we’d better take the chance to lose “friends” Salma. We can’t look at people being destroyed and say nothing. We wan’t make the steps from them but we can tell them that we will always be there, whatever choice they make.
      Thank you dear and stay safe and well always.


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