The right equation

Like me, sometime you might want to have a magic wand in order to save people you love or to change one’s situation.

Like me, sometime you might want to have the right words, to say the right thing at the right time.

Like me, sometime you might feel helpless in front of sadness and tears.

Like me, sometime you might wish you could have super powers or you might think that you are not doing enough to help the ones in need.

But let me tell you something.

When I was down, when I was out of control, when I would only pray for God to take me away, when I felt completely empty and lost, it’s to know that you were all around me, which saved me. There was no right word, no magic wand that could have taken away the pain. It’s to have family and friends around, ready to listen to the same words again and again. It’s to have my parents beside me, holding my hands, listening to my empty cries. It’s you, by your presence and your silence, your love and your friendship, who saved me, who helped me to stand back on my two feet and get going.

One does not need many words to feel safe. 

Listen, love and be there.


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11 thoughts on “The right equation

  1. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for liking ‘Mother’ so much and putting it up here as your favorite post…love you for that kindness.
    We all have our moments of sadness and tears… ‘the magic wand’ lies in our own hearts, we just have to activate it with positive vibes, we have to learn to pick up such vibes, which are always floating around us…we have to make an effort…family and friends are always there if we are open minded to embrace them, along with our anguish and despondency.
    whenever you get time, you must read ‘The Valley Of Happiness’ to feel better. Here is the link:


  2. So wonderful to read you again. I too have felt many-a-times if I had been useful to the people dear to me. There have been instances where I wanted to do so much more but all that I could was to listen to them and try to empathize. I felt that perhaps it wasn’t enough but reading your views make me feel that maybe I did manage to be of some help in some little way. You are a beautiful person Marie because you don’t forget to appreciate those around you. There are people who just seem to forget all the help they get from their loved ones once the troubled times have passed. But you keep us in your mind and that is laudable. Thank you for being such a lovable person. Lots of love! xxx


    • I am so happy to welcome you back here Sui. I think that as long as we are here and our friendship is true, the other person knows it and feels safe.
      Stay as you are my dear. Sending you much much love.
      Take care. xoxo


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