Shots of my city!

16 thoughts on “Shots of my city!

  1. I like taking pictures of my city too. It is sad that over the years it has turned into this overcrowded city. It was once a town with lots of greenery, parks, gardens, free space, and such a pleasant weather that we never felt the heat. But things have turned uglier now once it became a formal city. Now there are so many buildings, traffic and crowd that it becomes annoying sometimes. The only good part is that we have lots of stores and multiplexes now but the cost at which we had this development is too much to comprehend. I loved my beautiful, peaceful town. Now that town is no more and I feel having lost something very dear. 😦
    Your place seems to have lots of trees. That is wonderful! I hope I can visit France someday. Although learning French was so difficult. 😛
    P.S. I am unable to receive updates of your blog through email. Could it be that without a WordPress blog I cannot get updates? 😦


    • I get what you mean Sui. It’s hard to see the transformation of our cities and see them losing their identity.
      I pray that you can come to visit France someday. I would love to visit India too.

      PS- I’ll have a look at the wordpress update dear!!

      Stay well and all the best with your job! It’s the start of a brand new life!


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