My life these days…

 Dealing with many thoughts

Visit rights to handle (for Mister Pop and his dad)

Meeting with psychologists

Dealing with ideas

Talking to Mister Pop about his dad

Trying to restart dialogue with ex-husband (without much success)

Mediation process to start (if possible)

Working hard and late

Enjoying a nice weekend with Mister Pop

Travelling to see a friend

Eating good food

Sharing memories


Making new memories

Remembering the old days

Taking the train, playing, laughing with kids

Walking, chatting, being in the here and now

Reading stories

Dealing with guilt

Wanting to write many things, but not knowing from where to start

Enjoying being a mum

Finding hard being a single mum

Not knowing whether I am a good mum or not

But doing everything I can to be the best one for Mister Pop


18 thoughts on “My life these days…

  1. You are an amazing mom and a beautiful person. You will make it through this time, you will come out stronger than ever. Keep your head up and your heart open and know that God has a plan for you and your baby. Wishing you all of the love in the world, my friend.


  2. You are a great mum..just the fact that you are thinking, processing and trying to navigate life with this little man as well as your ex, you are doing very well Marie. Stay well, and don’t work too hard – although I know it’s easier said than done.



  3. Thumbs up for you are doing great, despite feeling low sometimes. You are summarizing what you need to do and you are doing well enough 🙂 . All the best sis..


  4. (^‿^) ❀

    Hello Gentille Marie

    Tu es la meilleure maman du monde et tu es aussi une belle, très belle personne !

    MERCI pour ce partage
    GROS BISOUS d’ASIE pour vous deux !!!


  5. You have done your best and a strong person you are, Marie. Some of what you have listed above show the great moment of your life especially the time you spend with Mister Pop. May the best be with you both!


  6. You have nothing to feel guilty about….and don’t doubt that you are a good mum….you are! You are doing your best for Mr Pop and that is all you have to do x

    Shove the negatives aside and concentrate on the positives ! x


    • Not easy to feel like this when a man keeps telling you, you’re not a good mum, once again. I should not listen to him, but every time it’s hard not to feel guilty.
      Thanks for your kind words and your support dear. I’ll keep seeing the positive…XXX


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