My life these days – Acceptance and Love

Nore sure why I have been away for so long. Two weeks is long when it comes to blogging, when it comes to me, not blogging.

I just got caught in many other things. I had issues to process and I realized that writing about them here could not change them. So I decided to deal with them on my own, like a big girl!

Mister Pop got sick in the middle of it. It looks like it took him ages to recover. He recovered and is now babbling all day long. He is so funny!

He makes me laugh out loud. People might think I am absolutely crazy. I don’t care. This boy is just perfect (when he does not scream or put any garbage he can find, in his mouth)!

He got to meet his dad 10 days ago. This visit was one part of my issue. Divorce is tough. But not being able to discuss things, talk together is quite difficult too. Silence is all around when it comes to Mister Pop’s dad. I have to do with it. I won’t change him. And anyway he does not want to change at all. So I am backing off…

I am slowly learning to let things be. And concentrate on who I am. I am learning to think about what I like or wish, when taking a decision. I am learning to live in the moment, to not dwell in the past or even try to create many horrible scenarios when it comes to what will happen next.

These days, I am practicing self-love, I am learning to accept and love the life I have. And it feels right, and good.

ps – Many Thanks for your kind words on my last post. It means a lot. I just wanted you to know it.


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19 thoughts on “My life these days – Acceptance and Love”

  1. ***I am practicing self-love, I am learning to accept and love the life I have. And it feels right, and good**

    this, my dear, will transform you life & you deserve to feel good. Xxxxxx


  2. Nice quote from Oscar Wilde and very, very nice post. We need to learn to accept what we have and to love the life we are given – I needed to hear that today! Thanks for your words of wisdom.


  3. Welcome back. Sometimes it is good to just sit back and concentrate on yourself. Glad you are feeling positive about things.
    Aww sorry to hear Mr Pop wasn’t well…its horrible seeing them ill…but they soon bounce back x


    1. He is fine by now Foz. When he is feeling low, it’s the right time to cuddle and read stories. I feel ok with it so!!!
      May you and your loved ones have a blessed Ramadan.
      Much love to you and the girls!


  4. This boy is just perfect ( EVEN when he screams AND put any garbage he can find, in his mouth), lol. Love you both 🙂

    PS. People can only change in their own time. You are doing the best with what you have.


    1. Your words feel good today. I do what I can, I do the best I can. Dealing with others is not always a happy game!
      Take care Salma and Ramadan Kareem to you and your loved ones.


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