Ramadan & New mindset

Three years ago, I was newly married and I decided to fast. It was a very personal choice. I am not Muslim. I can’t even say that I am Christian. I am still in search of clarity and answers. I am fine with it. Not every day. Some days I wish to belong to one or another religion, just because it seems easier. Maybe it’s not. Others days, I feel like it’s ok to search and learn again and again.

For some of my friends, Ramadan has just started. I wish them a blessed month, month of prayer, light and peace. Some have brilliant ideas to make Ramadan a real time to reflect on God, to get closer to God. They organize activities with family and friends. They do prepare for it. Check out Salma’s blog.

Mister Pop is still a bit young to understand the meaning behind Ramadan. And I am not the best to explain it to him right now. Which leaves me with one more year to get ready!

I thought this Ramadan would be a good time to share a bit of my story with you.


In fact, I had to get a bit away of my space here, to come back with a new mindset and new ideas. I feel at peace with my blog. I feel fine in general, despite the difficulties I have to deal with and it’s a big step for me.

Stay tuned and have a fabulous day!

18 thoughts on “Ramadan & New mindset

  1. Marie

    As always I pray that your search brings you the answers you seek. Thank you for your well wishes, I will remember you in my prayers in this blessed month of Ramadhaan.

    Stay well and in peace and may you get even better than what you wish for others.


  2. a walk in haiku

    Like Zarina, I too pray that your search will bring you the answers that you are seeking. Hoping that both of you are well. Much love and hugs.


  3. It’s nice of you with your well wishes. Over here, we had fasted for a week I’m sorry for being late here until today. If I could blame it on my laptop or better still due to work.

    I wish all the best to you, Marie. Stay blessed! 🙂


  4. I understand what you mean with sometimes feeling like you want to belong somewhere. I’ve explored religions but never really found the one I could really, completely find myself in. I suppose it’s some people’s destiny to always keep searching. It keeps our wonder and desire for God alive. I sometimes go to church now because I find the sermons inspirational.
    Stay well, dear friend x


    1. I recognize myself in your words Milena. Maybe searching is our destiny. I keep exploring religions and spiritual paths. I feel like it’s the way for me, as I am touching peace sometime while other things leave me with more questions.
      You see I do like you, I am going to mass from time to time to hear the sermons.
      Stay well and connected. xoxo


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