My first Ramadan – The Impulse

I was freshly married. I was floating in a universe of joy and peace. I was happy and blessed. Things were not perfect. I only believed they were.

But anyway, back in 2011, I made the choice to fast for our first Ramadan, as a married couple. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, you’ll be fascinated by the light that shines in Muslim people eyes, when you talk about Ramadan. They seem to all wait for this month to start.

When you don’t know anything about it, you may wonder what’s exciting about it. It, more or less, looks like a great challenge, a real trial.

I wanted to make up my mind. I wanted to have a go. It was also a way to thank God for his blessings and presence in my life.

Till the last day, I wasn’t sure I could handle it. I had wanted to fast the year before that one and it had been a total failure.

Then one evening, there was a documentary on TV about Somalia and starvation. One woman was being asked whether or not she would fast this year. She was only skin and bones. She had 3 children to feed. She looked like a ghost but she answered this: “I’ve always fasted. I will do so this year as well, as long as I have enough for my children. God will provide for the rest.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. The face of this woman is carved into my memories. This evening, I knew that I would make it. I knew that if this woman could do it, I could do it with her, hand in hand, so far away and still united by the same wish to get closer to God.



6 thoughts on “My first Ramadan – The Impulse

  1. Hi Marie,

    I am so moved by your austere thoughts. It is our faith in ourselves that leads us to such a yearning and once we resolve to do something, the pathways guide us, without any real efforts. I could see that light you are talking about through your words. May God bless you!


    • Thank you so much Balroop. It was really an enlightening and peaceful experience. We tend to think we are not capable of this or that, by when we decide something, we can do everything.
      Stay well dear.


  2. It is indeed a challenge, Marie, especially in this season when days are so long and sometimes hot. You have to reorganize your entire life around your essential needs (this year, the lack of sleep has been the most challenging aspect so far). But as you pointed it out, the lack we experience during the day reminds us how lucky we are with our well filled fridges and all the cool water that we can get whenever we want without any effort. For weeks afterwards, everything seems so precious.
    Has it been a nice experience to you?


    • Exactly Marie. It was a wonderful and peaceful experience. I hope to be able to fast again some day. I was very satisfied with this choice, I used this specific time to get closer to God, to pray and read a lot, learn too.


  3. Agree with Marie above, it’s the lack of sleep which is making it difficult this year. Not all of us can have a nap during the day. But all this really makes us realise what those who are less unfortunate than us are going through. Some don’t even have a proper meal at iftari time


    • When I think about RAmadan Foz, I am thinking about all the people who have nothing, who break the fast alone or the ones who don’t much to eat.
      We should always remember them in our prayers.
      Take care dear. xx


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