Times of change

There comes the time when you want the best for your life.

But the best does not fall from the sky.

You can wish for it, but if you don’t do anything to make it happen, it’ll stay a mere dream, a dream that you’ll finally put away, chase from your mind, till you feel desperate again and ready to start being true to yourself.

At some stage, you’ll have to change.

You’ll find around people ready to help. You’ll go online and reach out to therapists or programs that talk to you.

You make it happen.

You don’t wait for it, on a bench, under the rain.

You take action. You take a paper and a pen.

You start an action plan and practical steps.

You plan goals and celebration when you achieve one.

You plan to congratulate yourself each time you are moving forward, each time you feel like the pain is leaving you.

Slowly you take control of your life, of your mind, of your thoughts.

You don’t let others interact with your feelings or your mood.

You change every negative thought with a positive one.

You breathe in the here and now.

You are ready for a new life…

 Ps – I initiated the change into my own life. I have the Map in my hands for a while, but I needed to find the good time to start the work. Here I am. Thanks to Jodi for introducing me to this program that she created. Here is the link to Jodi wonderful website – Jodi Aman and to the Map to Whole Peace. She has a way with words and lots of love and kindness to share. Don’t miss it!


16 thoughts on “Times of change

    1. I SO wish it would too Kim. But surely it’s better that change comes from us. When we look back, it shows us that at some stage, we did turn to Life and say to ourselves “we’ll make it work, we’ll achieve great things!” And we do.
      Much love coming your way dear. xxx


  1. sanaa

    Yes so true. In life things change and some changes ate for the best. Being permently in one position is sign on no growth or advancement and we must grow be it at a slow or fast pace
    We must grow God willing.


    1. We must grow Sanaa. God is showing us how to grow, is giving us the time to move on, is allowing us to fall and is ready to take our hand and put us back on the road. Nothing can’t be achieve without him. But we need to be ready to let him change us and make the efforts to practice change!


  2. Hi Marie,

    I am so glad you have initiated the change. It begins from our own heart, from our determination to eliminate all positive energy around us and once we realise this truth, the light beckons us to drag us out of those dark tunnels into which, we allow ourselves willingly. Nothing in life stays for ever…that is the marvel of this life! Wish you meet all happy people and pleasing destinations as you move ahead on your path to change.

    Jodi is such a darling healer, the map provided by her will surely take you into the realms of love and kindness. May God bless you. You can visit my Valley Of Happiness at: http://balroop2013.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/the-valley-of-happiness/


    1. Thank you so much Balrrop. “Nothing in life satys for ever”, you’re so right, thought I could not believe this a year ago. Everything seemed impossible a year ago. And then I met people, read books, discovered wise writers. And I decided the change was needed.
      Stay well and blessed always.


  3. Oh my thank you so much! I was loving the poem and reading it so excited and then came to the end of the post and was so surprised! Thanks, kindly for sharing my work. I am humbled by this! Tomorrow, I am beginning to do a video version (it will be free) hopefully to be release ASAP!


    1. I can’t wait to see it Jodi. Your work, your words and ideas really help me on a daily basis. Some days it feels like you have been writing FOR me. It’s strange but it’s all good.
      Keep going dear and let it shine!!


  4. a walk in haiku

    I am so happy for you, Marie! It is true, if you want anything to happen, it’s you, yourself that have to take action, to do something about it. Wishing you much love and sunshine!


    1. Whe life is tough, we feel like wanting somebody else to take our hands and make things happen. But nothing can really come from somebody else. We are the masters of our destinies.
      Thank you Asni and have a lovely day dear.


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