My first Ramadan – 17 hours

The first day, I woke up to eat Suhoor. I did not really know how to fast, as it was the first time I was doing it. I did not really know what to eat. I had taken a look at blog posts and read books about Ramadan, in order to get an idea.

I had bread, fruits, dates and a tea. It was four in the morning. My husband did not wake up with me. But if I remember well, he did have his last meal around 2 o’clock, when he came back home, while I was fast asleep.

After having eaten this, I prayed (my way) and went back to bed.

We did not fast long together. Before I knew it, he was back to work, and I was left alone. Nobody thought of inviting me really. And who could have really known that I was fasting anyway.

I wasn’t sure about saying out loud that I was fasting. People were already surprised when I said that I was getting married, and even more when they realized that I had kept my relationship quite secret for more than 2 years. But they guessed obviously.

They did not make any bad comment and this really helped me. They were quite interested by my motivation, what fasting meant to me or how I was handling not to eat and drink for 17 hours.

I have to say not drinking was pretty hard. What was good is that I was in Ireland. And in Ireland summer is not too hot.

I would use lunch time to walk in nature, pray and read books, notes about Islam, about religions in general; reflect on the things I was learning.

The first day, we had Iftar at our friend’s home. Every Ramadan, they would gather everybody around their table. To be true, I was not starving and I did not recall myself jumping on food, as if I hadn’t eaten for months. I recall taking the time to eat, to value the food I was putting into my mouth.

But being horrified by the amount of food being cooked, half of it being put in the bin. And by men running outside to light a cigarette, without even waiting that others had finished their meal.

Till next time…



11 thoughts on “My first Ramadan – 17 hours

  1. We follow some strict rituals to overcome some of the weakness, to inculcate few values like value of the food, being calm, concentration and to leave bad habits………… but very few follows this!!!!!!!…………..


  2. Very interesting post Marie. I like reading about the experience, and interestingly, we also experience through others (like the iftar story).
    These are stories to share one day with Mr Pops too…I would love to read more about that year (or even after).


    • I will write more about this Ramadan, which was the first (and the last so far..)
      We learn a lot from others Salma. We learn a lot from life and from all the things that we think we can’t achieve and that we do achieve after all.


  3. It’s really a nice read. What a wonderful experience it was for you. It’s really interesting to know how you had gone through the first Ramadan. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to read more. 🙂


  4. Lovely to read how your first fast once.

    Yes to some ramadan seems to be about cooking loads and a lot goes to waste…so sad as that is not the spirit of ramadan!

    Hope you are well hun x


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