My first Ramadan – Nasheed

I did not know what the word “Nasheed” meant. Internet says it means  Islamic vocal music.

At the beginning of Ramadan, I looked into everything I could find on the subject. I wanted to make it count. I wanted to get closer to God.

As I told you before, I did spent this time mostly alone. And it was great. I could decide what was good for me. I did not feel any pressure in doing this or that. Or not doing things right.

From beginning to end, I used to listen to this Nasheed. And it brought me peace and gave me a sense of belonging. I felt  I was part of a much bigger community than I ever thought could exist. I felt close to millions of Muslims fasting around the globe.

I was not alone.



10 thoughts on “My first Ramadan – Nasheed

  1. Lovely to read you again, Marie, and the beautiful nasheed. Marie, when you have some time, do listen to Yasmin Mogahed. Just type her name on youtube and a whole list of her videos will appear. I hope it will be beneficial for you.


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