It’s this time of the year.

I won’t say “again”, because I haven’t got any holiday for the past 2 years.

It’s this time of the year.

Time to unwind. Time to rest. Time to enjoy life.

I am leaving Paris for 2 weeks.

Leaving behind my troubles and pains.

Leaving work. Leaving my boss. There are some days I can’t stand him anymore.

I think I can’t stand people who treat others like “shit” anymore.

I don’t let him talk to me like that. I say “stop”.

And if he keeps going, I leave.

Mister Pop is already on holiday.

I am joining him, in the house of my childhood.

We’ll build memories together. And sandcastles.

We’ll swim and laugh. Play and forget the time.

I am leaving. Two weeks.

Two weeks with no internet connection.

Two weeks in harmony with nature.

Two weeks in connection with true, raw, simple life.

I’ll be away.

But I want you to remember.

Yes. You. My friends.

You, who were there for hardships .

You, who were there for joyful days too.

You. You are forever in my prayers.

May God keeps you safe, well and in peace.


Credit Photo Pinterest


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