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There comes a time to say goodbye

Goodbye to you, my past love

Goodbye to the promises you never kept

Goodbye to the dreams we never achieved

Goodbye to the house, the place we shared

Goodbye to you, my past love

Goodbye to the days we spent together

Goodbye to the sad hours, the crazy tears

Goodbye to the empty chairs we left behind

Goodbye to you, my past love

Goodbye to the secrets we kept for ourselves

Goodbye to the silent days

Goodbye to the agony of seeing us drowning

Goodbye to you, my past love

Goodbye to the time apart, the lonely nights

Goodbye to your pretty smile

Goodbye to your arrogant laugh

Goodbye to you, my past love

Goodbye to all that we were

Goodbye to all that we will never be together

Goodbye to our strange and funny memories

Goodbye to you, my past love

Nothing will make me come back

You don’t seem to realize that it’s over

You still think that I might change my mind

Goodbye to you, my past love

I wish I was never yours

I wish you were never mine

We are now two strangers, walking side by side

Goodbye to you, my past love

Life calls me back

Now it’s time

For me to live MY life




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12 thoughts on “There comes a time to say goodbye

  1. Life can be harsh sometimes 😦 ,but be sure there is always light at then end of the tunnel. You’ll soon be blooming in another garden full of love and happiness In Shaa Allah. Keep your spirit high, keep your love high, and most importantly keep your faith – in everything- high. Take your time and we will be waiting for you here to shine again. I’ll always mention you in my prayers my dear.


    1. Thank you so so much Amira. It is so kind of you.
      This experience made me a bit weak for some time, but I am happy to see that it did not broke me to pieces, it did not change who I really am and this is a blessing, a real gift from above.
      Stay well and blessed always.


  2. Hi Marie,

    What a sweet, innocent yet heart wrenching way of saying goodbye to a relationship that never was…that never could flower, that seems to be oppressive. I am glad that you had the guts to leap out of it…life is waiting for you! I am sure these experiences have made you stronger, resilient and wiser.

    My heart goes out to you at this darkest hour of life, tears are lurking at the sidelines but those who emerge out of such tunnels are usually the achievers. Please keep in mind life is much more beautiful, please think of all those helpless women who remain trapped and are in no position to take that extreme step.

    Have you read Please go to this blog, you will find sunshine there. Keep writing! It is the best way to keep the balance. A loving hug for being so brave.


    1. You are such a beautiful person Balroop. Thank you so much for your lovely and wise words.
      I do think about all women living under such pressure, who didn’t have my chance or don’t have any energy left (cause these relationships do break everything in you, they steal away your energy and your envy to fight back) to leave.
      I was protected. I had angels high above looking after me, who helped me to get away before it’s too late.

      Saying a real goodbye was necessary. It took me 20 months to utter the words. And it feels good to have done so.
      Take care dear and stay full of light, and love.


    1. Thank you for your adorable words Kim. It’s not easy to say goodbye, to feel it deep down and to say the words. But every day I do thank God for giving me the chance to say goodbye to this person, who was not good for me, who did only bring pain and sadness into my life.
      Stay blessed always.
      Love from France.


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