Enough tears

Hundreds of tears

Millions of them

Around the globe

Filling the space

Enough tears to build up a lake

Raindrops on your face

My tears and yours

Melting together

Tears for loss, and pain, and grief

Tears against abuse, violence, and hardships

Enough tears to create links

Sisters bonds

To cross the lake

We build bridges

Enough tears

Sacred deal



8 thoughts on “Enough tears

  1. Beautiful poem! Tears are good Marie! They wash away all the pain, they infuse a new confidence, they provide the much needed catharsis. We can only forgive when we let the stream of tears flow. I realised this quite late but when I did, I found a strange healing effect in them. Most of the times, let your tears flow with the shower…never show them to those who consider you weak.


    • They do heal us Balroop. There are the best therapy. But you’re right we should never let them go out when people around us consider them as weak.
      Thank you very much once again for being there and following my journey.


  2. You are right, we should let tears flow and never hold them back as they are one of our ways to vent. But also there are times when we have to stop and look ahead. Beautiful words Marie.


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