Taking Sides

Some days, we must take sides.

We have to fight for






We have to fight against







And then some days

We face small, tiny life challenges

People disagreeing

People being rude

People chatting behind other’s back


Personal issues

Should we take someone’s side?

Or stay neutral?

Should we say “yes” to one and “no” to the other?

Should we add to the gossip?

Or should we remain silent?


It’s THEIR issues.

As long as these issues don’t affect our humanity or the humanity of the people involved…


What should we do?

Is there anything to do?

Won’t it be easier to realize that all this mess is not worth it?

Won’t it be easier to try our best to see the strengths of that person, behind all her/his weaknesses?


Why are we so good at making our lives miserable, as if there was not enough pain and suffering in this world?

I wonder.

What shall we do, when we face people not liking each other?

What shall we do, when we don’t own the problem?

Where shall we stand, when we don’t wish to be involved, when nobody is right or wrong?

Where shall we stand, when it’s all about the incompatibility of two characters?

I wonder.






18 thoughts on “Taking Sides

  1. That’s one big dilemma especially if both the arguing parties are close to us. I think that life throws such problems so that we can see the true nature of people. A real relationship does not break with just an argument. But if people are dragging on then even the tiniest of disagreement may become an excuse to break things off. Do what you feel is the best for you. We can’t always worry over people’s expectations and reactions. And no matter how hard we try, people will be disappointed. But we aren’t living to fulfill other’s expectations now, are we?
    Take care Marie!


    • You are right Sui, we can’t always worry over what people think or what people would like us to do. We can only try our best and wait.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts my dear.


  2. Hi Marie,

    I like your profound analysis of people and issues…we have to take sides if we want respect and justice, we have to notice their attitude to understand life better, we have to learn from our experiences to become a better person. We have to stand tall to face life boldly…to show those people – nobody should be underestimated, nobody should be taken for granted. Self esteem is as important for us as for them.

    Lovely thoughts, beautifully articulated.


    • Thank you so much Balroop for reading me and helping me on this issue I am facing.
      Self esteem is important for every one, you are very right. I never thought about this from this angle and it’s interesting.

      Stay well and blessed.


  3. —-Sweet, Marie,
    so much to think of here.
    We cannot do it all, but we can do something.
    I think of Annie Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird.
    She told her father “I cannot do all of this. It’s TOO much.”
    And he said, “Bird by Bird, honey, Bird by Bird.”
    I think of this often when I get overwhelmed.
    Love and Hugs from Minnesota. xxoo


  4. Marie

    You ask some really important questions, and I think many of us can relate to this “crisis”. I guess we need to know when is the right time to act and when we should remain silent and this is a difficult balance to find, nevertheless, I have come to believe through my experiences that we cannot just sit by and watch others self destruct, we need to take some action, obviously within reason, sometimes all people need is another perspective to help the see things differently. You have a lot of goodness to share and I think others would benefit so much from that.

    Wishing you all the best always;-)


    • Dear Zarina, thank you very much for reading and leaving those inspiring words. It’s not that easy to find the right balance, but I think you’re right, we should always try, take action, do something.
      I’ll follow your good advice. Stay well and blessed my friend.


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