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I can’t stand it

It’s physical.

It makes me shiver.

It gives me goosebumps.

I look at the screen


I want to scream.


She said

She’s afraid of him

She has to leave

But where could she go?

She has to go

But she is afraid to leave him?

This can’t last

But she loves him


She said it’s like hell

It’s like being scared to go back home

She said

She can’t look at him anymore

She told me

She has to hide in the bathroom

She cried

She has to mind her words

She has to silenced her mind


How to help her?

What can I do?

I tried a couple of words

But she is not ready to let go

I gave her number and the names of people who can help her

But she does not want to share her story with strangers



I sit down

I pray

What else can I do?

Tell her to leave

Tell her she deserves better


She doesn’t seem ready to hear my words

She says it’ll be alright

She says he said sorry

I know it’s not right

I know he is playing with her mind


But she believes him



I am standing there





It’s physical.

I can’t stand it

I would give the world

So she could see

The horrible truth of her reality




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12 thoughts on “I can’t stand it

  1. Hope she will, some day. You can’t decide for her, Marie. The only thing you can do is to be there for her. Even if it hurts. With your help and support, maybe she will open her eyes and take the right decision.


  2. I often wonder why are people so weak…why do they have to undergo extreme pain and torture to realise they have to take a wise decision but I also know that all circumstances are different and difficult to understand. I feel the decision is harder if the person is financially dependent. May God give her the emotional strength to move on.


    1. Thank you Balroop, thank you for her..
      At some stage, women think that they deserve this kind of pain. Each situation is different. But when you don’t have a job or don’t gain your own money, it makes it much harder, you’re right.


  3. It is a story I have heard far too often. In most of the cases, women do not leave their husbands. I don’t understand why. For them, it is easier to be abused than be left out alone in the world. Isn’t that how most of the females are brought up. There are females who believe that being abused by the husband is NORMAL!!! Just think what this kind of belief could bring. Those women will pass down the same thing to their children as well and there goes the cycle. The society is such that it teaches women to bear rather than fight for her rights and she accepts it. This is the reason I admire women who stand up for themselves. We deserve the freedom to live our lives to the fullest and no man has a right to trample on it. But neither the men nor the women understand it.

    In a situation like this you cannot do much Marie. All that you could, you did. But if the person in question is unwilling, even law can’t protect her. There is a saying- the one who accepts being oppressed is equally guilty as the oppressor. It is her call.


    1. Society still makes us feel guilty when we are abused. We tend to think that we did bad things and deserve the bad treatments we get.
      As women, we should fight fo our freedom. Thought sometime leaving is a tough decision to make. Leaving can be life threatening too, when men are too crazy to let you go or can’t imagine that you are strong enough to say NO.
      As a woman who left, I can tell life will never be the same again. Without thinking too much about it, there is something that says to you, BE CAREFUL. Cause your oppressor is never too far, ready to make your life a nightmare again or threatening to take your kid(s) away.

      I pray that EVERY SINGLE woman would leave Sui. But I know that every story is difference, that some women can’t leave that easily.

      Take care. Love from us.


  4. It is not easy, especially when we know what is going on. My hope is that our thoughts, wishes and prayers will be so strong that it helps the person see what reality really looks like.
    I have been there, and I know that love, and God alone brought me to where I am today.


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