Treasuring the Silence

Breath in the silence


Let it flow inside you

Let it make peace with your feelings, emotions

Let it overcome your fears

Let it push yourself gently, with ease

Let it heal your heart

Let it make space

Let it talk to you

Let it make you feel grateful

Let it free you of suffering

Let it calm your mind

Let it pacify your crazy thoughts

Let it unravel your passions

Let it pursue its dream inside your body

Let it give you the strength you need

Let it be in you, inside you

Let it flow into your veins

Let it transform your pain

Let it deeply change you

Let it show you the bright light

Let it take your hand for a while

Let it guide you to God


Welcome the silence in your life

And breathe




12 thoughts on “Treasuring the Silence

  1. Hi Marie, lovely thoughts! Silence IS invaluable!
    Silence helps us to relax, to think,
    To ponder, to introspect
    To make another effort,
    To give shape to our dreams.
    It steers us out of darkness
    Into the light we long for!


  2. It is good to stay in silence for a while every now and then… but do not stay there for long or we won’t be able to communicate anymore. My problem is, with 3 kids and their dad, it is hard to find silence in my life :).
    Thanks dear for such a lovely poem in this difficult time I am going through. Thanks for your comment it really meant a lot to me, now I know I have friends who will be there during hard times.


    1. We are here Amira, praying with you, praying for you.
      Silence brings us closer to God and our own Truth. But obviously we can’t dive completely in it for too long or we lose ourselves.
      Thinking of you my dear. May God ease your pain.


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