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Let’s celebrate Life!

I love birthdays!

It’s my way of celebrating the miracle of life

Birth of a child. Birth of a mum.

It’s my way of honoring God

Loving and respecting oneself is an act of Faith

It took me some time to understand this

But it’s never too late to start again, to stop the mess

We are spiritual beings

We are not just on earth to eat, sleep, work and wait for the end

We are here to transform life, to make the most of it, to create wonders,

To share, to be kind, to encourage others to discover their truth

We all have a purpose

So it’s time to go out and try

It’s time to let our love shine

And for love to enlighten our life.




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14 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate Life!

  1. Beautiful words from one of the most beautiful souls that I have had the fortune to know and befriend!
    Happy Birthday Marie!

    In the rush of life we forget how lucky we are to be alive. True, we must celebrate our birth. It has given us reasons to smile. Even if there may be days when we feel lost, yet being able to ‘feel’ makes it worthwhile. (✿◠‿◠)


  2. Hi Marie,

    I agree, Birthdays ARE special days, they make us feel blessed to be alive.
    Happy Birthday to my wonderful and new friend…hope you had a day full of joy and peace. Wishing you all the happiness that you have in your mind and your dreams. May God grant you the serenity and love that he has reserved for you.
    Love and hugs from a loving friend.


    1. Thank you a lot Balroop for your nice words and wishes.
      Yes, they are days when you realize that being alive is a grace, when you are grateful for what you have in your life and loved ones.
      Stay well and have a lovely week my dear.


  3. Marie, my dear friend Happy belated birthday. I have been missing in action. I received your kind words and was very happy and touched. Much catching up to do.
    I hope the next year holds many good things for you.
    Yes, we are here to make a difference- to experience- not just to exist!


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