Golden Days

Leaves are shivering with grace

The naked trees don’t seem to be cold

Winter is not yet there

Days are just turning gold


We can see lovers holding hands

And friends talking till night fall

We can see old people faces

And kids playing football


We can see girls running around

And boys chasing them

We can see the wise ones, half asleep

And the young ones leaning close to them


The last train is about to leave

Gardens will soon be closed

The sky just turned black and yellow

The last train is taking me home


Source Pinterest


13 thoughts on “Golden Days

  1. This is so lovely Marie, I can almost picture myself there. It’s beautiful to be able to appreciate the simple things in life, May you always be able to see true beauty wherever you go.


    • Thank you for visiting Zarina. We should all look at life with eyes full of love and our hearts open, so we can really appreciate what we have and be grateful for it too.
      Stay well and blessed my dear friend.


  2. That’s fantastic! The days turn golden when we look at them with hope, even the bare branches give that message, every dark cloud is harbinger of beauty, of prosperity, of splendour!
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Loved the vivid images echoed through your words. I love the season of golden leaves. It is somewhat calming- neither scorching hot nor blithering cold or wet. Just right for evening walks and lots of reading and writing. ^.^


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