The yellow light

Back in time

Only nightmares

Dark hours

Silence is a killer


November, two years ago

Only cries

Elusive shadows

Pain is taking over


I am just flesh

A body without contour

A deprived soul

A drop of emptiness


I could remember

The endless nights

The wish to be sucked up by the earth

The terrifying doubts


No words

No tender touch

No sip of wine

Could kept me alive


And then

Like a miracle between my hands

Tears washing up the bloody mess

Voices touched my heart

I could see the stars

 2014-11-05 15.02.06_resized



8 thoughts on “The yellow light

  1. Marie, I can see light at the end of that tunnel! I can feel the soothing touch of those words, which are trying to assuage your pain. Silence often talks positive, if we open the windows and look outside. Stay blessed, dear.
    love always!


    • Thank you very much Balroop. Slowly the pain is leaving me, only memories remain and they are hard to erase. But I see the beautiful light and that feels good.
      Love sent your way, from the other side of teh world.


    • Friends (& family) are my best support Salma. Their words and their ability to know how to deal with my silence, when life is too tough. You are one of them and I will never have enough time to thank every single soul that has helped and is helping me to move on and face the new days.
      Take care. xoxo


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