Still grieving

You can be grateful for what you have

You can feel safe and blessed

You can hold chubby hands

You can feel well and full of joy

You can dance in the moonlight

You can feel peace around you

You can witness happiness

And yet be sad


Life is not an easy road

Some days are bright

Some days are dark

I am happy

And for a while, I’ll be sad


While the pain is going away

There are drops of grey memories

Twirling around under your eyes and making them teary


Still grieving

With a faithful heart

Life is a process

Victory is mine



10 thoughts on “Still grieving

  1. Lovely poem once again Marie. I agree, life is about the ups and downs, with the happiness comes grief, but grief brings you strength and joy in ways you would have never understood otherwise. The important thing is that you are willing to carry on and look for positivity. Grief takes time to deal with, but in time things make better sense.

    Stay well and in peace always;-)


    • Thank you very much Zarina. We need to accept all these emotions, good and bad, so we can experience happiness and sadness, and yet still decide to look at the bright side of life.
      Stay blessed my dear friend.


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